Une évaluation comparative des réponses à l'immunothérapie dans le carcinome murin du côlon


Sheri Barnes, Mary Anne Meade, Sumithra Urs, David Draper, Hillary Evens, Shayna Donoghue, Dan Saims, Scott Wise, Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin





Réunion annuelle de l'AACR

Introduction et contexte

  • With the drive in oncology to develop molecules targeting the immune system, there is a need for reliable and well-characterized preclinical models.
  • The focus of immuno-oncology drug development has shifted to combination strategies with approved immunotherapies, immunometabolism targets, and costimulatory molecules.
  • To better understand the utility of these agents in preclinical development, we examined the response of CT26 to combinations with anti-mPD-1, a panel of costimulatory molecules, and epacadostat, an IDO inhibitor, using in vivo tumor growth delay studies.
  • Knowledge of immune composition and localization can help guide rational monotherapy and combination strategies. Investigation into these parameters are also contained in this body of work.